This page lists former Ponderosa Mustang baseball players who have continued to be involved in baseball after leaving PHS.
If you know of someone who should be added to this list or if you have updates to any currently listed information, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Ideally we would like to list the year the former player graduated from PHS, their college a/o professional teams as well as the years they played or coached on those teams. If you also have any contact information for the former player, please include that as well.

Recent Players in College Baseball

Early Signees Class of 2012

  Connor Crane       Lamar Community College

  Zane Griffin       Hope College

  Matt Loutzenhiser       University of Northern Colorado

  Andrew Paust       Metro State College

Class of 2011

  Travis Orwig       North Carolina State University

  Brandon Mikulka       Creighton University (NE)

  Becker Steinemann       North Dakota State University

  Mitch Gibbons       Metro State University (CO)

  David Johnson       Colby CC (KS)

  Jordan Maynard       Hutchinson CC (KS)

  Brandon Kimbrel       Hutchinson CC (KS)

Class of 2010

  Keegan Ghidotti       Oashita Baptist University (AR)

  Tanner Grabianowski       Lamar CC (CO)

  Jordan Behn       Jordan Behn

  Danny Rastberger       Lamar CC (CO)

  Zane Knapp       Belleview University (NE)

  Travis Stanforth       Hastings College (NE)

  Losson Enslen       Hastings College (NE)

  Phil Evdos       Robert Morris University (IL)

Class of 2009

  Eric Curtis       Edgewood College (WI)

  Austin Kaasch       Lamar CC (CO)