PayPal provides a "donation" payment option which allows users to enter their own payment amount. We are using this option to allow families to apply any credit their player may have earned toward the full amount which would otherwise normally be due for baseball fees.

Player credit may be earned due to work/study time at the Indoor Practice Facility, credit for selling excess Rockies tickets, participating in the King Soopers program, selling an outfield banner, etc.

Follow these steps to apply any credit your player may have earned toward baseball fees:

Step 1: Confirm amount of your player's credit
Check with Ponderosa Diamond Club Treasurer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm how much credit may be in your player's account.

Step 2: Click on the Donate button at the bottom of this web page

Step 3: Enter your custom payment amount (add 3.5% PayPal service charge)
After clicking on the Donate button on this web page, you will be redirected to a secure PayPal web page to finalize your payment. On this PayPal web page, enter your custom payment amount in the Donation Amount field. PayPal has a 3.5% service charge that will be subtracted from the net amount of your payment, so be sure to add an extra 3.5% to the gross amount of your payment. For example, if you want to make a $100.00 payment, you should submit $103.50 as your payment amount. After you have entered your payment amount, click on the blue Update Total button.

Step 4: Choose your method of payment
Then, choose your method of payment by either logging in to your PayPal account to pay that way, or click on the Continue link at the lower left of the PayPal web page if you prefer to pay with a credit card or bank account (where available).

Step 5: Add special instructions
Before you finalize your transaction, you will see a link to Add Special Instructions. Please click on this link and when the text box appears, type in your player's name and the Mustang Baseball fee which this custom payment amount should be applied to.



 Custom Payment Amount